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Our team

Executive Director

Dušan Damjanović is the Executive Director of PALGO smart, and since 2006 he has been in charge of the overall program development and organizational orientation of the organization. Dušan is Master of Architecture (École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais, Paris, France, 2003). He gained his work experience in international, regional, national and local projects and programs, cooperating for the last 15 years with leading international and European institutions and organizations.

Dušan has managed and coordinated over 40 projects in the field of public policies, good governance, sustainable development, strategic planning and economic development, environmental protection, preservation of cultural heritage, smart urban development and housing, climate change and energy efficiency. Dušan is editor of numerous PALGO publications, co-editor and co-author on other publishing projects, and also a member of the POLIS Editorial Board, a public policy journal jointly issued by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and PALGO.

Member of the Executive Board

Jelena Jerinić is an Associate Professor at the Union University Law School in Belgrade, where she teaches Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Local Self-government Law. She graduated from the Belgrade University Law School and has an LL.M. in Comparative Public and Good Governance. She has a PhD from the Union University Law School in Belgrade, with a thesis on Judicial Review of Administrative Action.

Until autumn 2006, she worked as the Advocacy Team Leader in the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the national local government association.

She is a member of the Group of Independent Experts for the European Charter of Local Self-Government, advisory body to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE), the European Group for Public Law and the Serbian Association for Constitutional Law.

Together with colleagues from the SCTM and PALGO, she co-edits POLIS - Journal for Public Policy.

Project Manager

Andreja is the project manager at PALGO  since 2016. She studied History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Her understanding and knowledge of the public administration system, especially the local self-government, comes from intense contacts and cooperation with decision-makers and representatives of local administration during previous project engagements.

She is well aware of the environmental issues in Serbia, as well as the process of European integration. As a coordinator for World Bank projects, she dealt with environmental issues and participated in workshops regarding negotiations of various chapters. During hers professional career, she developed and gained understanding for cross-cutting topics, such as public participation and gender equality.

Project Manager

Marijana Pantić, PhD is a spatial planner. She completed bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, where she was awarded a title of the best student of the generation and was first graduate at the master program. She defended her doctoral thesis in Germany, at the Technical University – Dresden.

Already at the finishing year of the bachelor studies she has involved in practical tasks in the field of spatial planning. Her first results in research can be related to cooperation with the Institute for Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, where she participated in technical tasks and research as a scholar researcher for a year. Her professional engagement is prevailingly focused at urban and rural development, demographic change, settlement network, mountain areas and tourism.


Marijana participated in projects led by PALGO smart, by the Environment Improvement Center, the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team, and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. Some of the most prominent projects are The City of Belgrade Development Strategy (2016–2017), the Secondary Analysis on the Survey of Incomes and Living Conditions (2015), and the Settlement Typology (2014). Currently, she is engaged in a project of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia named Cities of Serbia in the Future, and since June 2018 she has returned to cooperation with the Institute for Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning, this time as a research fellow.

Financial Manager 

​Snežana Vučković has been working as a Financial Manager at PALGO since 2003. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, on the Department for World Literature. Snežana has more than 30 years of experience in working with finance.

Snežana’s responsibilities within PALGO include preparation and monitoring of financial project documentation, monitoring and implementation of legal solutions and regulations in the field of finance and tax system.

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